How to Protect Your Car Battery

by / Sunday, 10 July 2016 / Published in Helpful Auto Tips

Metro Detroit Replacement Batteries & Battery Failure Service

Did you know that heat can wear down your vehicle’s battery?

According to USA Today, July is statistically a very busy driving month. It’s smart to take every preventative measure you can to ensure that your car or truck is performing at its peak to keep you and your families safe. At Woodward Auto Sales and Service, we can perform repairs on some batteries and installations of high quality new products.

We’ll help you safely travel throughout southeast Michigan between family BBQs, grad parties and holiday gatherings this summer!

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

If well-maintained, your vehicle might make it up to 6 years or so without needing a battery replacement. You should have the battery checked by a certified auto care technician approximately once a year. During a regular maintenance check, our professionals will look for parts, cables, etc. that need repairing or replacing.

Extreme temperatures can cause major damage to vehicle batteries, making summer and winter months even more crucial times to bring your car or truck in to our experts.

Most Common Signs That You Need a New Battery:

  • Your vehicle often struggles to, or won’t, start (even when you’re sure you remembered to turn the lights off)
  • There’s corrosion on or around the battery and/or its parts
  • Battery and/or Check Engine light is on

We perform fully-comprehensive performance checks to determine the strength of your battery. If a loose cap is all you need to drive safely again, that’s what we’ll do! Our team will always be fair in offering advice and providing quotes for only the work needed.

Call us to schedule an appointment Monday-Saturday. If you’re in the Metro Detroit area, stop by and we can even get you same-day service in most cases! For more car care tips, read our other posts here.