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Woodward Auto offers a wide range of services for all vehicle systems and parts. We serve Pontiac resiAuto repair, tire repair, exotic vehicle servicedents, the Auburn Hills area, and surrounding cities in Oakland County including Rochester Hills, Troy and more.

We believe in providing only the best in quality parts and labor for your vehicle. Our experienced technicians can take care of any automotive needs from regular maintenance to major repairs on both foreign and domestic vehicles.

Computerized Engine Diagnostics and Repairs near Metro Detroit

Although it might look like a confusing mess of wires, hoses and oddly-shaped components, your engine converts the fuel in your gas tank into the mechanical motion that propels you down the road. Without it, your vehicle would be little more than a horseless carriage with rubber tires.

How do you know it’s time to have your car’s engine checked?

We are lucky to have cars that are smart enough to detect engine problems. When you vehicle’s check engine light comes on, it’s not wise to ignore it. The issue could be with any number of things (engine, transmission, etc.) and the longer you wait, the more costly your damage will become. Our highly-advanced computerized diagnostics allow us to accurately pinpoint the source of your vehicle’s engine issues for immediate repair or replacement.

Aside from warning lights, pay attention to your vehicle in other ways. If your engine is making noises, omitting a bad odor or acting sluggish, it’s trying to tell you something is wrong. The only way to know how serious the problem might be is to come in and let our skilled technicians investigate.

Professional Transmission Repair

The purpose of a transmission is to send the mechanical energy created by the engine to the vehicle’s wheels. A manual transmission puts the driver in control of the gear changing process. An automatic transmission takes care of this for the driver, freeing them up to keep both hands on the wheel.

Today’s automatic transmissions are highly sophisticated and considered to be more precise in deciding when it’s time to shift. However, they do develop problems and can leave you by the side of the road when they fail. If your transmission shifts roughly or hesitates, bring it in for service immediately. Our technicians can determine what’s causing the problem and perform whatever repairs are needed.

Pay attention to the following signs that your transmission might need service:

  • Strange Noises: The sounds made by your car or truck can be some of the best indicators of when service is needed. As you drive, you tend to know which sounds are normal and which aren’t. Take a moment to listen for any humming sounds as you drive, and stop by Woodward Auto for an expert to check it out.
  • Fluid Leaks: If you notice fluid leaking from your car (usually red), this could be an indication that your transmission needs repair. The purpose of the fluid is to cool and lubricate parts as they move, so they don’t overheat. Without the necessary fluid, your vehicle’s parts will wear down and stop functioning properly.

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