Tires, Alignments and Steering

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Keeping your car in road-ready condition is making an investment in the safety of yourself, your family, and the other drivers on the road around you. Proper Woodward Auto Logomaintenance helps prevent accidents, improves fuel efficiency, and gives you peace of mind.

Tire Repair and Replacement

Good, durable tires play a significant role in the performance and safety of your vehicle, while worn or damaged tires increase the likelihood of an accident. Here are the warning signs that your tires need to be repaired or replaced, and potential consequences if the problem isn’t fixed:

  • Worn Tread – Once tread depth drops below 1/16th of an inch, it’s time to replace your tires. If you regularly drive in hazardous weather conditions, replace at 1/8th of an inch. Slick tires increase the chances of hydroplaning in water and sliding while making turns.
  • Cracks in Sidewall – This can indicate that tires are too old, and dry rot may have set in. Tires in this condition are likely to leak or experience a blowout.
  • Bulges – A bulge or bubble signifies a weak spot in the tire that could burst at any time if left ignored.

Alignment and Steering Steering

Misalignment quickly wears out your tires and reduces gas mileage. It’s smart and important to be aware of your car’s condition between service visits. If your car exhibits any of the following symptoms, bring it in to Woodward Auto for repair or replacement of damaged parts as soon as possible.

  • Uneven Tire Wear – The outside or inside edge is showing more wear than the opposite edge.
  • Pulling to One Side – If you briefly let go of the steering wheel on a straight stretch of road, does the car veer toward one side?
  • Unusual Steering- The steering wheel vibrates or is much harder to turn than normal.

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